We’re Sold Out. More decks coming soon.

Gratitude and happiness. Thank you to all who supported the first edition of the Agile Coffee Conversation Starters. All three volumes are officially SOLD OUT at this online store.

But if you’re going to Atlanta, the store at Agile2016 will have a limited quantity of all three volumes.

My goal with these cards has been to get lean coffee groups around the world having meaningful conversations. Today I can happily boast that these cards are represented in over 15 countries spanning five continents.

Volumes 1, 2 & 3 of the Agile Coffee Conversation Starters will become available again later this year. I’m also developing a new deck – the Coaches’ Toolkit contains over 50 laws, models, heuristics and ideas – and I’ll be previewing it at Agile2016. Come find me for a sneak peek.
Agile Coach Victor Bonacci speaking at Agile2016 Atlanta

By the way, I’ll be speaking in Atlanta this July 2016. My presentation (with Brett Palmer) is the Pair-Coaching for Self-Efficacy. For more info, check out #paircoaching on AgileCoffee.com

Introducing the New Decks

Now that all rewards have been sent out to our Kickstarter backers, we are officially ready to introduce our first card decks to the whole world. (Product details available on the Decks page.)


Volumes 1, 2 & 3 of the Agile Coffee Conversation Starters each contain 54 elegant cards per deck. The first two volumes are made up of the best topics from over three years of lean coffees and the Agile Coffee podcast. Topics making up volume three were contributed by Kickstarter backers and agile thinkers (and organizational psychotherapists) from across the globe.

All cards are laid out using the Bree font family and a one-of-a-kind coffee bean motif (designed by Matt DeSio), and each volume is set in its own color (blue, green and red).

sample topics from volume one
a sample of topic cards from volume 1
a sample of topic cards from volume 2
supporting cards included in volume 2
supporting cards included in volume 2
samples topics from volume 3
samples topics from volume 3

Decks now being distributed – Sales coming soon

The Kickstarter campaign has ended, and the decks have been printed. Beginning today, we’ll be sending out decks* as rewards to all backers (levels 3 and up) of the initial project.

the first of many envelopes
the first set of many envelopes getting assembled

Shipping arrival dates may vary, but everyone should get their decks by November 20, if not much sooner.

In a couple weeks (~Nov 22), we will open up this site for sales of our first three card decks. If you’ve received a deck and want to purchase more, Thanks! Please check back soon or sign up for our email updates to get the latest news.

* Volumes 1 – 3 of the Agile Coffee Conversation Starters are printed and ready to ship. All stretch goal rewards from the Kickstarter campaign (available ONLY to backers of the project) will be scheduled for production runs and delivery as follows:

  • Expansion pack #1 (12 topic cards) – December 2015
  • Coach’s Toolkit (deck of 54 cards) – February 2016
  • Expansion pack #2 (12 topic cards) – March 2016
  • Expansion pack #3 (12 topic cards) – June 2016
  • Expansion pack #4 (12 topic cards) – September 2016
  • Expansion pack #5 (12 topic cards) – December 2016
  • Beta version of mobile Agile Coffee app – TBD 2016

Our First Free Add-on Announced at Kickstarter

kickstarter posterThanks to over 30 backers, we have surpassed our funding goal on Kickstarter. That means that these decks will be printed and shipped with priority to sponsors.

But we’re not done… The opportunity to fund these awesome card decks runs through September 24th. … and we’ve just announced our first add-on (free to all backers), so don’t miss out.

You can go to the Kickstarter page to fund the project and stake your claim on a reward. Thank you.

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