“Coaching Heuristics” session at Agile2018

Exciting news! My session on Coaching Heuristics has been accepted into the program of Agile 2018 in San Diego. It’s tentatively scheduled for Thursday morning August 9th.
Agile2018 in San Diego, August 6-10

The full title of the talk is Coaching Heuristics: What’s in Your Tookit?, and we’ll be using the Agile Coach’s Toolkit deck for most of the talk and exercises. I’ll bring several decks (>20) to pass out to participants, and plenty of PDFs for anyone who doesn’t get the actual deck.

(Note: the Coach’s Toolkit deck is not for sale, but I give it as an extra when people buy the 3-volume set of Agile Coffee Conversation Starters. And by the way, prices are going up sometime mid-April.)

Now the fun begins! I’ll be revising and rehearsing the talk from now until August, so I’m open to feedback from anyone who has used the deck themselves. Hit me up on Twitter @AgileCoffee and let’s chat 🙂

Here’s a preview of the abstract:

Does a carpenter go to work without a toolbox or a an angler go fishing without tackle? Of course not! So why would a coach show up without her own tools of the trade?

Like many coaches, I’ve assembled my own collection of definitions, concepts, charts and theorems that help me as a coach – a toolkit that I refer to regularly. Examples include:

Join us for a copy of my list (56 documented, and growing). I’ll share how I use them and where to find the original IP for each. We’ll also dive deep into several with some coaching role-play.

See you at in San Diego for #Agile2018!